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    How long will it take to tabulate data from a 1-hour survey?

    The average time is 2-3 days to tabulate data for a 1-hour survey.

    How much is it to tabulate data from a 1-hour survey?

    Quotes start upwards from $1,500, and additional feature are available as well.

    Is charting included in Data Processing?

    Charting is a separate feature that is not a part of data processing, but can be added at an $80/hr rate.

    What data formats can I provide for DP?

    Our supported formats are SPSS, excel or csv.

    What is necessary for a quote?

    We will need you to provide this information:

    1. Length of survey 2. Are data tables needed? If so, how many banner points need to be created? 3. Is weighting required? 4. Sample size 5. Estimated dates of fieldwork. 6. Are heatmaps required? 7. Will the survey need to stay off-line? Or is it online? 8. Will support be needed?

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